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From July, 2015, Spemall also available Spanish 2 Years Warranty Insurance, pls check this link for details

From May, 2016, Spemall also available Italion service center, pls check below for details

From March, 2017, SpeMall also available Hungary Service Center, pls check the below for details

Below is China Free Warranty Details

1) Do you have a guarantee on all products?
Yes. All of our products are covered with 12 month FREE WARRANTY for any possible defective or mal functional products, for return, refund and repair / replacement. The time will be counted from the date of initial recipient, regardless if the initial recipient is an end user or a reseller. And after one year, we will still offer you strong technical support. The free warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, unauthorized firmware upgrade, consumables, damaged due to accidents, physical force, water, fire, power surge, acts of God or other misuse.
2) For manual damage at my side after reception, will you help me?
Yes, sure, For the manual damage or physical force and misuse which was mentioned in above issues, we will repair or replace it for you with relevant repair/replacement cost.
3) What if the package or product is broken during shipment?
Please do check the package before you signing it. If the package is visibly damaged with product broken, please do not sign the package and contact us after service as soon as possible. And the items should be returned in their original packaging complete with all accessories and documentation. Once received it back into our warehouse, we'll issue a free replacement with a brand new one or full refund to you via PayPal. Again, please do not sign the damaged package; otherwise, it will be complicated to solve it, as with your signature and unpacking the product, we will not have proof that it is the courier who broke the product.

4) How about the refund policy?
First, if it is found your PayPal is fake or not authorized, we will refund you immediately.
Second, For the problems caused by, We will issue a complete or partial refund for the items if the clients do not agree for replacement or repair. The problems include quality problem, mal function or miss delivery, But due to our serious quality control system and professional shipping/packing process, these seldom happen. Please be noticed that all products have 7 days return period (from client receiving the package to the client returning us) before being non-eligible for complete or partial refund. Please contact our customer service or live Support as soon as you find any problem after you receiving the products to avoid any postpone of better solution.

Third, if there is no quality problem for product and customer just wishes to refund, customer will be responsible for mutual sides shipping cost, and 10% of relevant operation cost. If the product price maintains the same, then we will refund you the balance after the shipping and the operation cost. If the product cost decreases, we will refund the present product cost except the shipping cost and operation cost

5) How Long Can I Receive the Refund from you?
Refunds will be processed within 5 business days after the confirmation of problems and our reception of returning products. And the PayPal refund can be seen in your PayPal account right away once it is processed.

6) When I return the goods for repair, who will be responsible for freight and other costs involved in returning the goods to your repair centre?
We will be responsible for the shipping cost from our side to customer’s side within 15 days after product delivery at customers’ side, but the buyer shall be responsible for all shipping and relevant possible handling charges when returning the items from the customer’s side to Repair Center. After 15 days of delivery, both sides shipping cost will be responsible at customers’ side. Shipping and handling fees shall not be credited to your account. will not be responsible for losses and breakage during the return shipping process. It is highly recommended that the buyer purchase shipping insurance and use a tracking number when shipping the goods back.


Nuestro centro de SAT garantía en España es:

Compañia: YMOVIL (Sergio J. Pau Fayos)

Dirección: Alzira-Valencia 46600 España

Teléfono: 0034 601 11 08 33

Correo Eletrónico:

Contacto: Sergio

El horario de atención de llamadas:

De Lunes a Viernes de 9 a 13 horas y de 17 a 20 horas.

(Hora de España Peninsular)


1>Por favor contacte con Spemall "" para solicitar su numero de RMA para poder ser atendido por nuestro SAT en España.

2>Antes de solicitar la recogida del producto, por favor contacte con Spemall "" directamente para informar sobre el problema y determinaremos si es necesaria la recogida . YMOVIL no es responsable de ellos.

3>Después de la  autorización de Sepmall, por favor contacte con YMOVIL para la recogida del producto. Los gastos de los 2 envíos (primer envío desde el Cliente hasta YMOVIL y segundo envío desde YMOVIL hasta el Cliente) son pagados por nosotros si el fallo aparece dentro los 15 días posteriores la recepción del producto. Después  de 15 días,  los clientes pagarían los 2 envíos.

4>Después solucionar el problema del producto, YMOVIL enviará al Cliente un correo eletrónico para confirmar que ha sido solucionado. Por favor valore nuestros servicios. Sus satisfaciones son nuestros deseos. Muchas gracias por su cooperación.



Our center of SAT guarantee in Spain is below:

Company: YMOVIL(Sergio J. Pau Fayos)

Address: Alzira-Valencia 46600 España

Telephone: 0034 601 11 08 33


Contact: Sergio

Working time for answering calls:

Based on Spain peninsular Time:

From Mon to Fri: 09:00 AM-13:00 PM & 17:00 PM-20:00 PM


1>Please contact Spemall : first if any problem of products for RMA Number.

2>For those questions out of reparation and technical support, please contact directly.

3>After authorization given by Spemall, please send the product to Ymovil. And the shipping costs (go and return, both charges) should be paid by customers if the time of having problem is more than 15 days.If it is less than 15 dauys, we will be in charge of the shipping cost.

4>After the reparation, Ymovil will send you an email for reparation confirmation, please evaluate our service. Your satisfaction is our final goal. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Our center of guarantee in Italy is below:

Company: Bielettronica di Carmine Borelli
Address:35012 Camposampiero (PD)
Telephone:  +393338352689
Contact: Carmine Borelli
Garanzia in italia:
Nostro centro assistenza SAT in italia:
Ragione sociale:Bielettronica di Carmine Borelli
Indirizzo: 35012 Camposampiero (PD)
Contatto:Mr. Carmine Borelli
Orario: dal lunerdi a sabato dalle 10:00~13:00 14:00~20:00

1,Si prega di contattare prima Spemall mandando una mail a per avere numero RMA per quasiasi problema sui prodotti.
2,Per altri problemi e non sulla riparazione o sul supporto tecnico,o informazioni sui prodotti, fase di acquisto ,numero di tracking ecc. Si prega di contattare
3,Dopo autorizzazione  di Spemall e avendo numero RMA,si prega di contattare la Telefonia San felice per spedire il spesa di spedizione (andata e ritorno) per i clienti che hanno  comprato i prodotti entro i 15 giorni , viene pagata da spemall.
Dopo i 15 giorni la spesa viene pagata dai clienti.
4,Dopo la riparazione riceverete un email di conferma da Telefonia san felice, si prega di valutare il nostro sua soddisfazione e' la nostra obiettivo finale!grazie per la collaborazione!

Our center of guarantee in Hungary is below:

Cég: Sultan mobilszerviz
Cím: A készülékeket postai úton lehet elküldeni a szerviznek, személyes átadás/átvételre nincs lehetőség. A belföldi postaköltségeket oda-vissza a készülék tulajdonosa fizeti.
Telefonos elérhetőségem nincs, az alábbi címeken érsz el:
Kapcsolattartó: Zoli

1> Kérlek bármilyen problémád van a készülékkel, elsősorban vedd fel a kapcsolatot a Spemall-el: add meg a hibát, majd onnan kapsz egy RMA számot, amivel tudod nálam igazolni, hogy a engedélyezte a szervizelését a készülékednek.

2>Technikai segítségnyújtás:
3>A Spemall engedélyezés után kérlek, egyeztess velem a fenti elérhetőségeimen. 
Szállítási költség a vevőt terheli (oda-vissza szállítás, mindenkori postaköltség). Általános hazai szervizelési idő az alkatrész megérkezését követően maximum 15 nap hibától függően. Alaplap hiba esetén a szervizelési idő akár a 60 napot is elérheti (ebben az esetben Kínába kerül javításra az alaplap, itt a postaköltséget a spemall állja).

Számunkra a Te elégedettséged a legfontosabb!